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Our simple 3 step process…

Three steps from the very idea, design and construction of your favorite space, house or building.


Before the very beginning, we must consult with the client, the location of the intervention, expectations and most importantly the realization of the idea.


This is particularly true regarding the seven principles of interior design: balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale and proportion, and details. These standards have been created to help accomplish harmonious interiors that convey character.


We build according to the Design & Build principle.  If it is not a demanding project, we will employ a subcontractor in order to reduce costs and speed up the work flow and complete the project on time.

Our Work

Unagrea is a company founded in 2020 in Zagreb.  We work with larger companies or smaller entrepreneurs, we enter the business with professional working capacities and we participate in projects with all aspects.  Whether it is a larger and more demanding project, development of new products, work with start-up companies or development of new technologies..

Unique Builds

Always High quality

We always choose the highest quality materials for construction, we have our own warehouses, if we don’t have something, we order from external warehouses.  From the foundation to the roof, materials from renowned European and international manufacturers.

Happy Clients

Our number 1 priority

Our number 1 is our clients and their experience and satisfaction.  From the first meeting at the consultation, working with colleagues and partners.  Our mission is a realized project, our goal is a satisfied client.

Luxury Styling

Luxury construction, custom construction and luxury furnishing of apartments by the sea, cottages, from interior and exterior decoration with custom-made furniture, branded furniture and furnishings.

Villas by the sea, cottages on lakes and ski resorts.  Luxuriously designed interior and exterior of your ideal equipped space.

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Our Work

In 3 years of existence and with an even longer tradition, we realized numerous projects and had more than 50 satisfied clients.

Our History

We are a young company, but we can boast of various realized projects, satisfied users and tradition.

Our People

Our team consists of young, ambitious and proactive people ready for all the challenges that work brings.


We operate and are located in two locations in Zagreb and London where we own a company for outsourcing, trading and business services.

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